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Song Posted in MP3 Format entitled "Father Aloysius"

In an email sent on June 17 from Jimmy Rice attached this song composed by his mother, Jane Rice. Jimmy helped his mom record the song. Here is the text of his email:

"Hi Fr Kevin,

Attached is a low resolution Mp3 for the song "Father Aloysius", composed and recorded by my mother, Jane Rice. I also had the pleasure of working on the recording. I found a book Mom gave me about the life of Fr. Alosyius to be compelling.

Hope the file opens okay ... Mom's email ...


Jimmy Rice"

I've listened to the song, and it brings tears to my eyes. What comments do other listeners have?

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Comment by Enneke Hoogeveen on October 23, 2009 at 9:50am
The song Father Aloysius is very moving and wonder how we can purchase a copy on CD, if this is available. This in my opinion would be a good fund raiser for the cause of Father Aloysius.
Is there any way I can contact Jane Rice? I met her many years ago and lost contact.
Enneke Hoogeveen


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