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Great Monarch and Father Aloysius - Parallels

I've been studying the life of Fr. Aloysius Ellacuria, CMF. Some have pointed out certain parallels in Father's life and references to the great monarch.

1. Both are identified with France. Fr. Aloysius is from the Basque provinces. Three are located in France. In his time, Napoleon, he was considering a completely separate status, as a separate nation, for the Basques. They are unified with their language and culture.
2. The Fleur-de-Lis as a reference to purity, a special virtue cultivated by Fr. Aloysius, and confirmed with his teaching on heroic chastity.
3. In his role as a founder and administrator of a congregation of men, his new order, Fr. Aloysius could be considered a monarch or superior/general.
4. The organization of the work was like a personal prelature. It consisted of lay, clerics, and religious. He wanted it to continue until the end of time. Opus Dei is a personal prelature and Father instructed us to look into how the Opus Dei was organized. Father Aloysius authority over the movement was like that of the prelate in a personal prelature.
5. The sinew of Father's hip was operated upon, his hip was replaced, and he did limp the rest of his life.
6. He went to Jerusalem to dedicate his life's work to Our Lord. He was received by the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, and he prostrated himself on location of the Holy Sepulture. There are photographs of these moments.
7.Father insisted on a renewal in the faith and morals of Catholics, i.e., a restoration to the beauty of the faith.
8. Father's family goes back to the 9th Century, the time of Charlemagne. So does the family Coat of Arms.
9. Henry is the name of the monarch. This name "Henry" means "home rule" which is what Father Aloysius did. he ruled his order, and he made sure it would continue afterwards.

These parallels are not hard to see. However, if indeed there is such a prophesy, and if Fr. Aloysius can be identified with the prophesy, we still awaiting a restoration of the Faith. Perhaps this restoration is what is referred to the "Triumph of the Immaculate Heart."

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