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February 9, 1972 - Under Obedience to Superior General

Actually, what Father Aloysius did is quite remarkable. Under obedience to his General Superior in Rome he founded a new religious order in Fatima, Portugal. The date of the General's letter is February 9, 1972. The order consisted of two branches - the religious and the laity. In 1976 Father went with pilgrims to the Holy Land. He had an audience with the Latin Patriarch, and dedicated his work at the place known as the Holy Sepulcher. In 1978 a formal agreement was reached with the two branches linking them in a fashion similar to a personal prelature. This contractual agreement was recognized by the Congregation of Religious in Rome in 1991, but not officially, rather as a movement. The importance of this is the existence of a regimen with religious, priests, and laity, dedicated to continue our Catholic heritage, and to spread the message of Our Lady of Fatima. There is more, but the movement continues to the present, and according to Fr. Aloysius' intention, it would continue the work of St. Anthony Mary Claret, founder of the Claretians, until the end of time. St. Anthony Mary Claret is considered by the Claretians to be the 7th Angel of the Apocalypse.
All of this fascinates me, and I can't help be see the parallels. Even the fact that Fr. Aloysius started he new order in 1972 somehow may relate to the year 1972 in the Fatima prophesies. I put up a website about Father Aloysius at 

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