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(May 27, 2010)
First, we don't put faith in dreams. It is against the 1st Commandment. This being said, sometimes our subconscious mind processes issues in our lives in dreams. We can even be inspired to take action because of a dream. This happened several times in Holy Scripture, St. Joseph being warned by an angel in a dream to take the Holy Family to Egypt to avoid the wrath of King Herod...

I want to share with you the dream I had on Thursday, my reaction to it, and the action I took because of it. I would request any comments you might have. Somehow I sensed it is a call to action for moving forward with an eventual cause of beatification for Father Aloysius Ellacuria, CMF. What do you think?

* * * * * DREAM * * * * *

I was at Claretian Provincial House, the one where Father Aloysius lived on Westchester Place, in Los Angeles. Word came that the Claretians were about to sell the Basque Province. Father Aloysius was seated at his desk upstairs and tears began to well up in his eyes. Then I was downstairs in the large parlor of the Provincial House. It wasn't exactly like Westchester Place, but in the dream the place was familiar. Members of the Claretian leadership were seated, discussing a topic. As I approached, I could identify one member, Fr. Louis Olivares, C.M.F. They were interested in their discussion. I was about to approach to tell them the the reaction of Father Aloysius to the news. Something told me, they were too interested in their present concerns, they wouldn't care, and I should say nothing. I don't even think they noticed me. The next scene, I saw a Claretian aspirant, a young man about 20 or 21 years old, who I sensed had no idea what was going on, i.e. the selling of the Basque Province. Then there was the sense to "tell the people". If the Claretians knew that the people strongly wanted something, they would stop the impending action. Then I woke up.

* * * * * RECAP * * * * *

The significant part of the dream was, an upcoming decision to sell the Basque Province, Father Aloysius beginning to cry or weep. My wanting to tell the Claretians about Father's reaction. And the sense "you can't allow this to happen", and "tell the people."

* * * * * COMMENTS * * * * *
1. I rarely remember my dreams.
2. Rarely is Father Aloysius in a dream. This may have been about the the first one in a long time. I had some dreams in the 1990's, but not recently.
3. The "beginning to weep" emotion in the dream was characteristically "Aloysius". I don't recall seeing this emotion during my 8 years with him. The first time I have seen Father Aloysius begin to weep. It was only for a few seconds, but he welled up with emotion. This was significant.
4. The dynamic was about the shutting down, or getting rid of, or selling the "Basque Province".
5. There was the sense of an impending decision or event about to happen.
6. The Claretian whom I saw in the room with Claretian leadership, was Fr. Louis Olivares, C.M.F., who was the provincial secretary in the 1970's.
7. The impending action would be detrimental in some way. They've got to re-evalute, and people should be told, or communicated with.

* * * * * INTERPRETATION * * * * *
1. Get moving, Fr. Kevin. Do something. Communicate. Contact people.
2. Father Aloysius appeared in the dream, telling me this.
3. Now is the time. The time is right, but urgent. There was not the sense of, why didn't you do something earlier. It was just a matter of fact, and now is the time for action.
4. The dream may have been just a dream. This may have been my subconscious working out issues. However, I think there is a clear message.

* * * * * Action To Take * * * * *

Move archive to California and communicate about Father Aloysius with others. Have more showings of the film, "The Angel of Biscay."

* * * * * What I've Done * * * * *

I priced packers, movers, truck rentals, and within two days I had a 26' U-Haul van packed with the archive, furniture, etc. and drove to California. I was relocated by Tuesday evening. Although I have some unfinished business in San Marcos, the move was completed by the end of May. This is remarkable, since I generally take time to do things.
* * * * * What To Do Now * * * * *

So, now you have the details of the dream. Somehow it motivated me to take immediate action. We must move forward. If a cause of beatification is to be opened in California for Father Aloysius, it should be done within the next 8 months...
Sincerely Yours in the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
Fr. Kevin
P.S. Comments anyone?

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