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Once while having breakfast with Archbishop Juan Jesus Posadas in 1991, we were discussing the archbishop's recent trip to Italy. Archbishop Posadas was the archbishop who ordained me a priest in 1989. He had just returned from Naples with another diocesan priest, Fr. Rafael Urribe. They were both present at the Mass in honor of St. Januarius, celebrated yearly on his feast day, September 19th.

Archbishop Juan Jesus related how he saw the miracle of the blood of St. Januarius, the martyr, which was kept in a relic after his death. The blood liquifies at the Mass that is celebrated on his feast day. This happens almost every year, and it is quite an event. If there is a year when the blood doesn't liquify, the people say there will be an earthquake or some other disaster. Since Fr. Rafael was with him and witnessed the same thing, I asked Fr. Rafael later and he confirmed it.

Today is the feast of St. Januarius. I have just read the account in the Catholic press entitled, "Blood of St. Januarius liquefies". Here is the quote:

“I give you the good news, the blood has liquefied,” said Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe of Naples on September 19, the feast of St. Januarius.

"Despite swine flu fears, the archdiocese will continue to permit the faithful to kiss the saint’s reliquary. “Know that every proper hygienic sanitary precaution has been taken,” the cardinal said, referring to the wiping of the reliquary with a disinfected handkerchief after every kiss."

I have also included a link to an article written in the Catholic Encyclopedia.

For more information, here's the link. Just copy and paste it into the browser:

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Within two years of this breakfast comment by Archbishop Posadas, and after he had been invested as a Cardinal of the Catholic Church in June, 1991, the Cardinal himself was martyred at the Airport in Guadalajara, Mexico. The case was never solved, but the latest offical government report, issued 8 years after the event, indicates the murder was premeditated. Unfortunately, few outside of the Church in Mexico, are familiar with the case.

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