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Dear Father Kevin.and Friends..a little update....I just remembered that during an R&R{my Husband Tony worked for the Ralph M Parsons Co in Saudi Arabia} he visited was a strange and wonderful was very cold...when he arrived by train it was very late and no one was at the station.....suddenly out of no where came a black car with 2 small children in the back seat! the driver elegently dressed asked where my husband wanted to go and ended up taking him to I believe the Claritan Seminary! MY husband thought he was going to a hotel... as the driver unloaded his luggage the 2 children got out of the the car and ran off into the husband recalled they looked like the fatima children,,,when my husband turned around to pay the driver he had totally disapeared! during the night in the Seminary husband agonized between coming home right away or staying longer in Fatima...he prayed Dear God show me a thing he knew.....he had such pain in his legs he could not even walk! He knew his answer! The next day after a Mass in the Basilica he visited the home of Lucia and met her living older sister,,,who although blind,,,,warmly embraced my husband and told him Everything will be fine ...say the Rosary say the Rosary! My husband Cried profusely! She kissed his face and tears!,,,,I thought you would enjoy this story.

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