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Memories of a Community of Holy Observance

The following link will take you to a letter which Father Aloysius wrote to St. Margret Mary, S.S.C.M. in Kankakee, Illinois. In this letter Father Aloysius makes reference to:

1. Sr. Mary Mediatrix as the greatest gift to "your Province from the Merciful love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus."

2. The community in St. Patrick's Academy in Momence, Illinois ... with great examples in their observance of the religious life.

3. Kankakee, with Mother St. Clare, with so may holy subjects.

4. Beaverville, with Rev. Mother St. Emily, leading her Province at its zenith of holy observance.

5, Finally, the influence of Sr. Mary Mediatrix changing Father Aloysius' life completely, and the transformation that happened among many of the Sisters.

Please read the full text of this letter, and then examine the other articles posted on the Father Aloysius Blog. Many were written by Father Aloysius and give an insight into his spirituality.

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